Determine sodium losses in sweat

There are two options available to determine the sodium losses in your sweat:

1. Estimate

Based on our data collected from hundreds of sweat tests we have conducted, we can estimate the sodium concentration in your sweat by having you fill out a short form here: Free Hydration Plan. We always recommend proceeding with an estimation before you decide to purchase our HydroDrink.

2. Measure

A more accurate answer to the question “Which IONTMAX HydroDrink do I need?” can be provided by measuring your sweat using a device equipped with an ion-selective electrode for Na+ measurement.

We will conduct the measurement and determine the sodium concentration in your sweat, the sodium losses. Based on test results, we will recommend the appropriate HydroDrink that corresponds to your sodium loss through sweat. You can check the availability of this service in your country within our list of Partners.

Select an option

The listed price is always per 1 person.

Individual or small group measurements (1-5 people) are conducted only in the vicinity of Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Scheduled Measurements

13 April 2024 ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE – RunTour – race expo.

27 April 2024 KOPŘIVNICE – RunTour – race expo.

25 May 2024 ÚSTÍ NAD LABEM – RunTour – race expo.

22 June 2024 PLZEŇ – RunTour – race expo.

20 July 2024 OLOMOUC – RunTour – race expo.

17-18 August 2024 HRADEC KRÁLOVÉ – IRONMAN 70.3 – race expo.

14 September 2024 BRNO – RunTour – race expo.

05 October 2024 PRAHA – RunTour – race expo.

19 October 2024 PARDUBICE – RunTour – race expo.



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