HydroDrink – natural electrolyte drink tailored precisely to your needs (matching your sodium loss in sweat). For daily hydration, we offer convenient 800 g or large 3.6 kg packages, from which you can prepare up to 90 liters of hypotonic electrolyte drink. Our mix contains only natural ingredients and offers an excellent fresh taste. With us, you can count on quality and support your performance not only in sports. In total, we offer four levels of electrolyte concentration that exactly match your individual needs!


HydroFusion is a gel designed to prepare a natural ionic drink. You can even prepare this drink with sparkling water. For your daily hydration needs, we offer a convenient 1000 ml package, from which you can prepare up to 22 liters of ionic hypotonic beverage using a simple dispenser. The gel concentrate contains natural ingredients, glucose and fructose in a 1:0.8 ratio. The excellent refreshing taste is ensured by natural flavors – check out our seasonal flavor offerings of HydroFusion.

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Our hydrogels are made solely from natural substances using hydrogel technology, with a biopolymer matrix filled with high-quality carbs – the real gels, not syrup. Hydrogels do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Available in convenient 40g sachets or in 10-piece packages, each serving contains 60% carbohydrates (glucose and fructose in a 1:0.8 ratio), ensuring a high mass-to-energy ratio and thus very good digestibility. The gels do not contain maltodextrin.



Another great solution for sodium supplementation or energy during activities or races. Perfect hydration and nutrition are key to achieving peak performance.

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