Why Hydrogel is 100% Better Than Traditional Energy Gels

In modern sports nutrition, there are constantly new developments that enhance performance and focus on health. Among the latest is the energy gel: more specifically, the hydrogel. Hydrogels generally have better key parameters than regular gels (sports gels, etc.). In this article, you will learn how they differ and why you should consider switching to hydrogel.

What is Hydrogel?

The fundamental difference between hydrogel and regular sports gel lies in their structure and consistency. Both types of gels are used for quick and efficient carbohydrate replenishment during activity, training, or competition.
Energy Hydrogel
Hydrogel Iontmax, produced using a cold manufacturing process, utilizes biopolymer technology from sodium alginate (an extract from seaweed) and calcium, which together create a mesh that locks in carbohydrates. Thus, hydrogel is formed through a chemical reaction.

  • has a firmer structure
  • is flexible
  • is not water-soluble
  • is clear and transparent
Hydrogel biopolymer mesh

Hydrogel Structure
Regular Energy Gel
Regular gel is made as a simple mixture of carbohydrates and water. It is typically produced by heating through conventional cooking methods. Therefore, it has a consistency more akin to liquid syrup rather than solid. Sometimes it may be thickened to resemble a dense porridge.

  • liquid, porridge-like
  • water-soluble
  • usually colored
  • sometimes thickened
Sport gel structure

Regular Gel Structure
WARNING: Not all hydrogels are true hydrogels. On the market, you may find common gels labeled as hydrogel, but they do not belong to this category because they lack a biopolymer-based structure.

Hydrogel: Benefits and Advantages

Here are the key advantages and benefits of Iontmax hydrogels:

Natural and easily digestible
Iontmax hydrogels are made from natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, dyes, or flavors. They can be consumed in larger quantities than regular sports gels without the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort or heartburn. Hydrogel is easy to swallow, sweet, has a pleasant texture, and does not require water to ingest.
Full of high-quality carbohydrates
Iontmax hydrogels (FuelGel) contain only high-quality carbohydrates such as glucose and fructose in a ratio of 1:0.8. Glucose and fructose are utilized simultaneously because they are absorbed through different pathways in the body, allowing for more efficient and rapid utilization. Hydrogels do not contain maltodextrin, an artificial carbohydrate that may pose risks of undesirable blood sugar spikes during activity or competition.
Without undesirable blood sugar spikes

Hydrogel technology minimizes the risk of hyperglycemia – sudden spikes in blood sugar levels followed by undesirable and uncomfortable drops, which are common with traditional gels. Thanks to the hydrogel technology, carbohydrates are encapsulated in a solid mesh, allowing the body to better regulate the energy needed for performance.

Energetický Hydrogel - Trávení

Hydrogel Digestion
  1. After ingestion, hydrogel has a pH of approximately 6.5.
  2. In the stomach with a low pH of 1.2, the structure of hydrogel strengthens and carbohydrates are trapped within the gel matrix, preventing their immediate absorption.
  3. Carbohydrates then progress deeper into the digestive tract.
  4. In the intestines where the pH is higher, along with digestive enzymes, the hydrogel mesh gradually breaks down, leading to the release and absorption of carbohydrates.

Hydrogel and Caffeine

Caffeine is the most underrated sports stimulant, despite offering athletes a range of benefits during physical activity. When consumed during sports performance, caffeine can:
  • improve concentration
  • generally boost the body
  • reduce fatigue by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain (perception of muscle pain)
  • enhance overall endurance
Additionally, caffeine during physical activity does not have diuretic effects, so there is no need to worry about dehydration. Iontmax hydrogels are also available in caffeine variants (FuelGel, IgnitionGel).

Hydrogel and Taurine

Taurine, found in cells, plays a key role in stabilizing cell membranes and assists in calcium transport, which is crucial for proper muscle function and nervous system function. This amino acid derivative also supports heart health and can contribute to improved performance and endurance. Iontmax was the first to introduce hydrogel enriched with taurine to the world (BrainFuel – EnergyGel). Our BrainFuel offers an ideal solution for athletes seeking an effective way to enhance their performance and maintain “perfect shape” during activity.

An interesting fact to conclude

In our sales of hydrogels, we’ve encountered many athletes who perceive a regular energy gels as a necessary evil. Most of them use them sparingly, mainly due to digestive issues, undesirable taste, and consistency of traditional energy gels. Our hydrogels provide a solution to these problems and are designed to be the best “fuel” available to athletes. They are crafted to deliver clean energy without unpleasant side effects, thereby enhancing overall athletic experience and performance.

For fans: Verify the information in the article yourself

If you want to check the information we’ve presented in this article, here are some experiments you can try:
  1. Immerse and stir Hydrogel Iontmax in warm water, and then do the same with a regular energy gel. This will show you that our hydrogel is indeed a biopolymer with a solid structure.
  2. Submerge the hydrogel in strongly acidic lemon water to simulate stomach pH and observe how the hydrogel firms up and becomes firmer. You can leave the hydrogel in this solution overnight; by morning, it will be hard and brittle.
  3. Immerse the hydrogel in water with baking soda to simulate low pH. The hydrogel will soften; leaving it in this solution overnight will cause the hydrogelgel to completely disappear.


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In modern sports nutrition, there are constantly new developments that enhance performance and focus on health. Among the latest is the energy gel: more specifically, the hydrogel. Hydrogels generally have

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